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plantimestamp Function

plantimestamp returns a UTC timestamp string in RFC 3339 format.

In the OpenTofu language, timestamps are conventionally represented as strings using RFC 3339 "Date and Time format" syntax, and so plantimestamp returns a string in this format.

The result of this function will change for every plan operation. It is intended for use within Custom Conditions as a way to validate time sensitive resources such as TLS certificates.

There are circumstances, such as during an OpenTofu Refresh-only plan, where the value for this function will be recomputed but not propagated to resources defined within the configuration. As such, it is recommended that this function only be used to compare against timestamps exported by providers and not against timestamps generated in the configuration.

The plantimestamp function is not available within the OpenTofu console.


Code Block
> plantimestamp()
Code Block
check "opentofu_org_certificate" {
data "tls_certificate" "opentofu_org" {
url = ""

assert {
condition = timecmp(plantimestamp(), data.tls_certificate.opentofu_org.certificates[0].not_after) < 0
error_message = " certificate has expired"
  • timestamp returns the current timestamp when it is evaluated during the apply step.