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issensitive Function

issensitive takes any value and returns true if the value is marked as sensitive, and false otherwise.

The issensitive function might be useful if you need to programmatically determine whether or not a value is sensitive, for example if you have a value containing both sensitive and non-sensitive values and you need to separate the two parts:

Code Block
variable "environment_variables" {
description = "A list of environment variables that may contain both sensitive and non-sensitive values"
type = map(string)
sensitive = true

locals {
sensitive_variables = [for key, value in var.environment_variables: key if issensitive(value)]
nonsensitive_variables = [for key, value in var.environment_variables: key if !issensitive(value)]


Code Block
> issensitive(1)
> issensitive("hello")
> issensitive(sensitive("hello"))