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parseint Function

parseint parses the given string as a representation of an integer in the specified base and returns the resulting number. The base must be between 2 and 62 inclusive.

All bases use the arabic numerals 0 through 9 first. Bases between 11 and 36 inclusive use case-insensitive latin letters to represent higher unit values. Bases 37 and higher use lowercase latin letters and then uppercase latin letters.

If the given string contains any non-digit characters or digit characters that are too large for the given base then parseint will produce an error.


Code Block
> parseint("100", 10)

> parseint("FF", 16)

> parseint("-10", 16)

> parseint("1011111011101111", 2)

> parseint("aA", 62)

> parseint("12", 2)

Error: Invalid function argument

Invalid value for "number" parameter: cannot parse "12" as a base 2 integer.
  • format can format numbers and other values into strings, with optional zero padding, alignment, etc.