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Debugging OpenTofu

OpenTofu has detailed logs that you can enable by setting the TF_LOG environment variable to any value. Enabling this setting causes detailed logs to appear on stderr.

You can set TF_LOG to one of the log levels (in order of decreasing verbosity) TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN or ERROR to change the verbosity of the logs.

Setting TF_LOG to JSON outputs logs at the TRACE level or higher, and uses a parseable JSON encoding as the formatting.

Logging can be enabled separately for tofu itself and the provider plugins using the TF_LOG_CORE or TF_LOG_PROVIDER environment variables. These take the same level arguments as TF_LOG, but only activate a subset of the logs.

To persist logged output you can set TF_LOG_PATH in order to force the log to always be appended to a specific file when logging is enabled. Note that even when TF_LOG_PATH is set, TF_LOG must be set in order for any logging to be enabled.

If you find a bug with OpenTofu, please include the detailed log by using a service such as gist.