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Command: state list

The tofu state list command is used to list resources within a OpenTofu state.


Usage: tofu state list [options] [address...]

The command will list all resources in the state file matching the given addresses (if any). If no addresses are given, all resources are listed.

The resources listed are sorted according to module depth order followed by alphabetical. This means that resources that are in your immediate configuration are listed first, and resources that are more deeply nested within modules are listed last.

For complex infrastructures, the state can contain thousands of resources. To filter these, provide one or more patterns to the command. Patterns are in resource addressing format.

The command-line flags are all optional. The following flags are available:

  • -state=path - Path to the state file. Defaults to "terraform.tfstate". Ignored when remote state is used.
  • -id=id - ID of resources to show. Ignored when unset.

Example: All Resources

This example will list all resources, including modules:

Code Block
$ tofu state list[0][1]

Example: Filtering by Resource

This example will only list resources for the given name:

Code Block
$ tofu state list[0][1]

Example: Filtering by Module

This example will list resources in the given module and any submodules:

Code Block
$ tofu state list module.elb

Example: Filtering by ID

This example will only list the resource whose ID is specified on the command line. This is useful to find where in your configuration a specific resource is located.

Code Block
$ tofu state list -id=sg-1234abcd